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Xmas Special Petit Gateaux Set

Xmas Special Petit Gateaux Set

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Discover our exclusive Christmas special petite gateaux set—a perfect, elegant gift for your loved ones. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it's also remarkably affordable at under RM100. Treat yourself to four distinct flavors in one exquisite box.

Reindeer Rocher chocolate cake

Introducing our Reindeer Rocher Chocolate Cake – a delightful fusion of festive charm and exquisite taste. With a reindeer-inspired design and an outer layer reminiscent of Ferrero Rocher, experience the perfect balance of crunchy chocolate exterior and a soft, decadent chocolate cake interior.

️Strawberry tart 

A symphony of flavors and textures. Indulge in a buttery tart shell embracing a velvety cream custard at its core. Adorned with fresh Korean strawberries on top, and a delightful surprise at the bottom – strawberry jam, crafted to perfection.

Christmas tree matcha Mont Blanc 

Embrace the artistry of a Christmas tree design, perfectly complemented by the allure of exquisite matcha on the outer layer. Dive into the layers to discover the harmony of luscious vanilla cream in the middle and a delightful fresh strawberry core. The union of matcha and strawberry creates a symphony of flavors that captures the essence of the holidays.

️Snowflake Lemon curd tart

A culinary masterpiece that transcends taste boundaries. Immerse your senses in the buttery embrace of a golden, flaky crust, perfectly harmonized with the sweet and tangy burst of our signature lemon curd. Each velvety bite dances on your palate, awakening a symphony of flavors that leaves you craving the next delightful encounter. An indulgence that transforms the ordinary into extraordinary
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